Sometimes you just need

You time. Never feel guilty about indulging. Self-care is so important and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.

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There was always a glare

I was just looking at some pics from my facebook albums that were from over the years. I noticed at one point in my life that when I took the pics they were from the inside looking out.

Some really beautiful ones too but there was always a glare in the pic from the window that I was taking the pic from behind. I love nature and the beautiful sceneries that I use to live right in the middle of but never really got out there and enjoyed any of it.

There are reasons but it doesn’t matter now. What matters is that I am no longer behind that window looking out.

It took time for me to realize that it’s okay to step out from behind that window and get rid of the glare.

Feel good and just breathe….jg 10255926_10203981026592013_2200333630201169584_o


Be brave in everything you do

It’s really simple. What holds us back from moving forward, taking that chance, or making a life change? Fear right?

Fear holds us back from more than we realize. For some of us fear can play a part in the simplest tasks. For starters, putting our two feet on the floor when we wake up in the morning. There is always something out there we dread that has to be dealt with in our day right?

Try this(myself included), start off with just today by saying no or not doing something with you are uncomfortable with, without feeling bad or guilty.

Little steps are a great way to get going on defeating what’s holding you back.

Consciously make an effort and take note on everything and every little feeling, like the pit in your stomach feeling, when you have to make a choice on what YOU want to do. Just say no. It’s really not that hard. Remember baby steps.

Good luck today.  I’d like to hear what you decided not to do today and how it felt to say no. Even if you say no to one thing, that is a great start.

Be brave and have a great day!

Signs to look for

I just read this great article from Expanded Consciousness. It talks about how when you are being drained by someone or something that is causing a negative energy around you these are the signs to look for;

  • You start feeling depressed even though there is no apparent reason for it (and you’re not clinically depressed),
  • You can’t log into your bank account (or any other) online, social media, account and keep getting an error message,
  • You get a bad headache for no apparent reason,
  • You get dropped calls or sudden, passing static on your phone while speaking to someone at a location you don’t normally have that experience,
  • You get super tired all of a sudden and feel the need to take a nap even though you are not sleep deprived,
  • You feel resistant to helping yourself or giving yourself something you know you need (i.e. resist eating when you are actually hungry),
  • Your throat feels sore as if you’ve caught a virus (sometimes that is how our body reacts to the lower energy). It’s up to you to recognize and make note of these patterns as they are personal),
  • You lose your house keys, lock your car keys inside your car, lose your wallet or get something you value stolen,
  • An email you sent out does not reach its intended recipient and hours later you get a mailer daemon message,
  • Your mind starts spinning on negative thoughts about someone or a situation of the past (which you had done inner work on to clear), etc.
  • You engage in behaviors that are against self-love- such as spending money on unnecessary shopping or buying a tech gadget that you don’t really need but consider fun when you don’t have the budget for it.

The possibilities are endless…

I copied and pasted those verbatim from their website but I want to add that I have had almost all of those signs when there was a negative aura around me.

It’s crazy but one time, I forgot exactly what it was that was draining me, but I ran to the store to pick something up and when I went to turn on my car again, my starter blew! Just like that and I felt this electric charge run through me. Geez I wish I could remember what was going on at the time but I blocked it out so much that I realized that it was detrimental for me to even have those thoughts. It wreaks havoc on your body, mind, and everything around you.

Listen to what your body is telling you. The minute you feel that dip in your momentum, blow it out. Change your routine immediately. Make a cup of tea, pick up a book, call a positive person in your life. Talk a walk and do something that you love doing to boost your spirits and draw you away from the negativity.

It’s not goofy. Remember, I’m the sort of normal girl from Long Island that isn’t all into chants and supernatural stuff to the extreme but I do believe in positive thinking and manifesting your destiny. It works. I promise. I repeat myself about this because I truly believe you can change your life based on just your thoughts.

Good luck and enjoy your Sunday!