Happiness is achievable

It’s about 8:00 and the house is super quiet. Boys are sleeping. Rain is falling, yes rain. Should be snow here in NY this time of year but eh rain always has a soothing way about it now matter how messy it makes the left over snow look.

Anyway this is the best time of the day when I can think. When I think I start typing away so here I go.

It’s two days away from my birthday and I feel the more I grow closer to my mid 40’s the clearer things become. Life is truly black and white. It’s either you live it and you live it happily or you don’t.

Why would you stop pursuing your happiness? The sky is limitless. Yes there are barriers to happiness such as yourself, other people, and circumstances but look at it this way, the only thing that can truly prevent yourself from being happy is death lol.

Remember this is the normal girl from Long Island talking(who now resides in upstate NY) again and who has been through A LOT and when I say A LOT of different barriers but nothing has stopped me from getting to where I needed to be at that very point in my life. Like right now. I’m resting finally. Hmmm or how else can I describe it..? I feel calm and peace in my life right now. But wait my life is not perfect omg not even close. I’m going to go into a little bit of detail just so you guys can relate to what is going on in my life and how I DO NOT let that have an impact on my happiness. Got that?

For starters, money is tight. When I mean tight I mean tight like 3 pounds of sausage in a two lb. bag tight lol.  My child support hasn’t come in in 3 weeks, I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown interviewing and doing presentations for a job that I so desperately need and want. I’m having major issues with my 12-year-old son regarding just about everything and everything. And re-occurring trust issues with my boyfriend(partly because of my views on our relationship and how I handle things). Too much to explain. These issues are just the gist of it.

My point is that I am happy even with all of that going on. Do you know why?? Because I put everything in perspective. Money issues will always be there and if I don’t think positive those money issues will never get resolved. The CS will come in when it comes in. I am a little ahead on paying my bills so I have to look at that as a plus. If I continue to think positive about this job I am going to get, it will happen.

The issues with my son, aren’t really issues. It’s life and so be it. Things could be a lot worse and I am blessed that this is the extent of my issues with him.

The trust and control issues with my boyfriend is a whole other ball game. For the most part we get along great but in order to get back to where we were about five months ago, we need to work on our communication.

All this can be fixed. None of it is life threatening. If I continue to stress, it will be life threatening.

There is always a way. I’m reverting back to my earlier posts about positive thinking. It isn’t easy as I make it sound. It took me years and years to finally get this cycle working the right way.

The way I got to this point of realizing what is important to worry about and what isn’t, was by reading and googling everything about positive thinking and eliminate stress. Everyone does it in their own special way so sometimes you have to take bits and pieces of things that will work for you.

Trust me on this. Happiness is achievable. I promise. coffee




White out

Getting a late start today. Took boys to school and starting my workday with Mike in a few. They are calling for lake effect snow up to 8 inches. I’m wondering if I’ll be picking up my cherubs early today hmmm….

It looks like a definite white out now as I type and look through my bedroom window. Cold but so beautiful.

I’ll take some pics and upload today.

God I love New York.

Have a great day everyone and don’t give up on whatever it is you set out to do. The best reward is the feeling of accomplishment. It doesn’t matter how big or small the task, the important part of it is that you got it done.

Coffee, thinking, and thought for the day

Do what makes YOU happy…….

This might seem like a simple statement that people tend to think is so easy to accomplish but it goes a lot deeper, for me anyway.

Day 3 and I am still in my positive mode. I love it. I look at everything and everyone differently. It doesn’t mean that once in a while I might get off track but at least I am aware of it.

I’m staying focused on what my goals are.

I am taking people for what they are worth and throwing compassion into the mix as well.

I’m not running from finding my solutions to my problems.

I am just taking it day by day and I am not going to feel guilty about being simple or happy.

I finished up my last semester in December and just found out I made the Dean’s list again. I think my GPA is 3.28. Pretty sure that’s it. I have one class to finish up my associates and I am done!!!! I’ll be taking that probably in the next few months or whenever I can find a quick mini session to do it in.

Anyway, the key here is to stay focused and organized. You truly have to break things down to a simpler form and tackle whatever it is step by step and finish what you set out on accomplishing.

For me I just want to accomplish finding true peace and happiness which I think come hand in hand. I think people think you need material resources to find that peace and happiness but that is so not true. Getting rid of the material things around me and eliminating the stuff as well as people who are preventing me to do that is what is making me happy.

The first question you have to ask is; what makes you happy? I had to ask myself this question over and over again until I figured it out. For me it’s simple, the first answer is spending time with my family and doing for them. I can go on and on into the details and everything else that follows but I’m just trying to get my message across for those of you who might need direction.

Don’t feel guilty or bad about what makes you happy. I felt like my whole life I tried to conform to what everyone else thought the definition of happy should be and finally in my 40’sm, I figured it out what it is that I needed to be happy. Better late than never right? lol

This post might seem all over the board but once I figure out the pattern on how I want to get my messages across everything will fall into place a little bit better.

Enjoy the day everyone. I have to get mine started!!



Thank God it’s clicking.

I was in a panic. I just started my 3rd semester and I felt like there was no way I was going to be able to focus this semester. Out of all semesters, this one? WTH? But it just did. I just started my first assignment and I feel like it’s clicking. I’m getting back into it, I hope lol. I say this now but give me an hour.

Had to just take a break for a sec and post that. I’m sure there are a lot of you who feel the same way in certain situations like mine. You just can’t get it together sometimes! Arrghhh. Hate that.

Okay, back to work!