My front porch

This is minimalism at its best. All this took took was a fresh coat of paint and a garage sale find for $80 bucks.

Sitting on a porch is the best therapy a person can get.

Life can be simple if you truly want it to be. Less is definitely more.

Joe’s Restaurant, Utica, NY

I’d have to say even though Utica, NY has been named the worst of the worst cities in New York, as of the past two years it has made some drastic changes for the better. A new hospital has been approved to be built in the downtown Utica area. The Utica auditorium also has a new renovation underway and some of the major roads have been under construction. It definitely is looking a lot better.

I am not one to talk politics or go to my towns monthly board meetings. That’s just not me. But when I see our surrounding areas doing better I’m relieved for my kids. Changes are great but there is a lot to be said about the existing establishments that have been around for decades.

You walk into certain places like old bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores that take you back in time and stir up old memories. How do we hold on to that if those types of places are going extinct? Some businesses are passed on from generation to generation but eventually begin to be phased out due to lack of interest or monetary funds to keep a place going.

I’m just happy that there are still places around like Joe’s Restaurant so that new generations realize that life isn’t about glitz and glamour, that simplicity is what creates values and appreciation for the little things such as good food and time spent with family and friends.

The food served here is a totally different subject all in its own. First and only rule at Joe’s is DO NOT ASK FOR BUTTER or you will be thrown out lol. Another key factor you need to know about Joe’s are the hours of operation. Tuesday’s 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Yup that’s right only two days of blessing you with their home cooked meals, patina decor, and an at home type of feel atmosphere. Just expect to wait for a table if you don’t get there before 11:00.  Even though it is small it definitely gives you a welcoming feel.

Joe’s Restaurant in Utica, NY located on Jay Street,  are one of those places that leave memories etched in your mind forever.




Lunch in upstate NY, Casa Too Mucha

For a Wednesday a.k.a. hump day, I must say it turned out to be a great day. My kids had a snow day, the office was slow, and I didn’t have to substitute teach either. Woo hoo! So we went to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant called Casa Too Mucha. The title is very deceiving because its far from expensive.

The menu ranges from Mexican food to anything and everything else. Everything on the menu is homemade and delicious! My favorite is the chicken chimichanga. Oi!  And yes they still have their Christmas tree up but that makes the place even more special. The owners are so welcoming and the place is cozy as heck.

Since we had a little time to kill after lunch we did a little shopping at Marshall’s in Rome, NY. If once or twice a month I can go in there just to catch some deals I am more than a happy camper. Seriously, you can’t beat their prices on some of their stuff. Good quality leggings for $5.99 really??? And a sweet little tunic for $9.99. How can you go wrong??

I love finding good buys. Two recommendations if you’re ever in the upstate NY area. Casa Too Mucha for a great meal and Marshall’s for great deals on household items, clothing, etc. You can’t go wrong.

The weekend is almost here and we are suppose to be going to the movies and out to eat. I’ll be doing a movie critic review as well as dining review again this weekend! Enjoy your day everyone!

Sylvan Beach, NY

We took a ride today. We started out with about 14 other bikers but a little later on broke off from them because Mike had to go check something out he was going to buy for his shop. Low and behold to make a long story short, he didn’t end up buying it. It didn’t matter because when we get an opportunity to go riding alone, to me, times like that are priceless.

Today we started out at a place called Van’s in Barneveld then headed towards Sylvan Beach which is located on Oneida Lake. The lake is about 30 miles long and you can find place’s to shop, eat, and bars there with live entertainment and pretty darn good food. On days like today with the weather being just about perfect, Sylvan Beach was pretty packed. The place we picked to eat at was Crazy Clams. We split the dill Havarti burger and supreme nachos. The next stop after that was Harpoon Eddy’s just for a quick drink and then we took off after that to go on our own way.

Getting on the back of the bike and riding to wherever with him, gives me a feeling that is indescribable.  The routes we take are for the most part scenic as always. He knows just where to go so we can get the most out of our views for the day. We see so many different things and smell so many different scents in the open air ranging from pines tress, fresh cut grass, different flowers that are in bloom,  bbq grilles going, etc., You just can’t buy things like that and that is what makes the life I live so invaluable.  I love crusing through one town after another, some of which make you feel like you stepped back a couple of decades.

Here are some pics from today and some from our ride a few weeks ago. The little white house and church were located in the Town of Madison, NY.

. church fields us3