A perfect hygge Sunday morning

It’s the little things….

A perfect cup of coffee

Your favorite candle burning

The smell of bacon cooking

Rain hitting the windows

And your kids sleeping safe in their beds….


Happiness is achievable

It’s about 8:00 and the house is super quiet. Boys are sleeping. Rain is falling, yes rain. Should be snow here in NY this time of year but eh rain always has a soothing way about it now matter how messy it makes the left over snow look.

Anyway this is the best time of the day when I can think. When I think I start typing away so here I go.

It’s two days away from my birthday and I feel the more I grow closer to my mid 40’s the clearer things become. Life is truly black and white. It’s either you live it and you live it happily or you don’t.

Why would you stop pursuing your happiness? The sky is limitless. Yes there are barriers to happiness such as yourself, other people, and circumstances but look at it this way, the only thing that can truly prevent yourself from being happy is death lol.

Remember this is the normal girl from Long Island talking(who now resides in upstate NY) again and who has been through A LOT and when I say A LOT of different barriers but nothing has stopped me from getting to where I needed to be at that very point in my life. Like right now. I’m resting finally. Hmmm or how else can I describe it..? I feel calm and peace in my life right now. But wait my life is not perfect omg not even close. I’m going to go into a little bit of detail just so you guys can relate to what is going on in my life and how I DO NOT let that have an impact on my happiness. Got that?

For starters, money is tight. When I mean tight I mean tight like 3 pounds of sausage in a two lb. bag tight lol.  My child support hasn’t come in in 3 weeks, I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown interviewing and doing presentations for a job that I so desperately need and want. I’m having major issues with my 12-year-old son regarding just about everything and everything. And re-occurring trust issues with my boyfriend(partly because of my views on our relationship and how I handle things). Too much to explain. These issues are just the gist of it.

My point is that I am happy even with all of that going on. Do you know why?? Because I put everything in perspective. Money issues will always be there and if I don’t think positive those money issues will never get resolved. The CS will come in when it comes in. I am a little ahead on paying my bills so I have to look at that as a plus. If I continue to think positive about this job I am going to get, it will happen.

The issues with my son, aren’t really issues. It’s life and so be it. Things could be a lot worse and I am blessed that this is the extent of my issues with him.

The trust and control issues with my boyfriend is a whole other ball game. For the most part we get along great but in order to get back to where we were about five months ago, we need to work on our communication.

All this can be fixed. None of it is life threatening. If I continue to stress, it will be life threatening.

There is always a way. I’m reverting back to my earlier posts about positive thinking. It isn’t easy as I make it sound. It took me years and years to finally get this cycle working the right way.

The way I got to this point of realizing what is important to worry about and what isn’t, was by reading and googling everything about positive thinking and eliminate stress. Everyone does it in their own special way so sometimes you have to take bits and pieces of things that will work for you.

Trust me on this. Happiness is achievable. I promise. coffee



Say what you feel Monday

Well, usually most of the time the things I talk about never make any sense because I like to rant and rave about useless pieces of information that won’t make sense to most but there are some out there that do get it.

Anyway lol, my birthday was this past Saturday. I just turned 43. I think I can honestly say this is the year that I’m starting over. I already did. I lost 10 lbs in the past 30 days just by cutting my portions in half, eating healthier, and watching my alcohol intake.

The next change I made was letting go. I did that as well. I let go of the things I cannot change. I can only live my life the way it works for me. I think by trying to consistently make others happy reeked havoc on my body and mind. Bottom line with this is you can’t live your life worrying about what others think or what is it that you can do to make them like you better. I spent so much time on this ridiculousness that it wasted a good part of my life. That’s nor here nor there it’s over and done with and I moved on.

I’m really truly happy at this point and I have to say I met a man that has something to do with all this change. There is a saying that goes something like, be with a person who makes you a better person etc…I’m going to have to google it and find out for sure but I did. I found someone who makes me a stronger better person. Not only did he help me restore my confidence to say and do what I wanted to do for a change, he also lets me be completely the person who I want to be and use to be a long, long time ago. I never stop laughing when I am around him.

People are on a continuous search to be happy. There are a few out there that can be totally content being alone and happy. Then there are others, like myself who need someone to be by there side and help them get through the rough times, make them stronger, be their soul mate, have a best friend to share everything with and I think I found him. He feels and tells me the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I get so afraid that sometimes this is going to flop in my face because it has been a long time coming that I haven’t been happy, but that is where my faith steps in. I have faith in the thoughts and positive energy out there that this is going to make this happen for me and things are finally going to turn around.

Now listen, my life is way far from perfect. I have so many other issues going on right now that I have to take care of but having someone like him definitely makes it a lot easier to get through. I just had to say that because I didn’t want you all to think that my life is a bed of roses and all perfect and whatnot lol. Oh no far from it but I’ll get to that at a later date.

All I can say for now is that I’m soaking in all the good and putting the yuck on a back burner for now.

I have to go make my coffee and get my day rolling. Boys are off from school because of the holiday. I start my new semester(3rd) today for my associates in Human Services which I’m nervous about but like everything else I’ll get through it.

With everything I blog or post about I always hope that someone who reads it can get something out of it. I hope that in this post you can too. Even if it means to you that don’t give up on your search for happiness. Even just a little bit of happiness can open up a whole lot of new doors. Nobody’s life is perfect but don’t give up on wanting to make yourself happy. That is where it all begins and no matter what it takes, do it.