Time to catch up

Oh where do I begin and who wants to listen?

We took the boys to Dover Delaware for a Nascar Race. Our very first one but not for Mike. He has been a zillion times before. We had a blast. What an experience. Many people think that Nascar is for red necks, etc., but it’s for people of all different kinds. It isn’t cheap either! Just hearing those engines roar is something that can’t even be described and watching it on television does it no justice. A good way to look at Nascar in general is that those 43 drivers out there are the best 43 drivers in the whole world. What a way to look at it right? I never put it into perspective that way.

The following weekend Mike and I, and a few of his friends went to Lake George for Americade. That was something else that I never experienced before. Again, all walks of life there as well. No violence or anything crazy happening there. Which was good because I was a little apprehensive about even going. I didn’t know what to expect.

I have to say that in the past 8 to 10 months even though Mike and I have had our ups and downs, both the boys and I have been exposed to a lot of neat things since I’ve started going with him. We have shared a lot of good times but I’m nervous and conflicted. We all don’t always get along. Mike and I have the same parenting ideas but of course we are both going to protect our offspring. I know my boys aren’t perfect and he knows his daughter isn’t perfect either but there is that friction there. I can’t explain and I don’t know how to handle it.

I guess I’ll Google my way through this issue lol. Ugh. Why does life have to be so difficult at times?


This too shall pass….

Whatever is meant to be will be. It always has been that way and it always will. That phrase has been popping up in my face all day. That right there is telling me to go with the flow. I can’t change whatever life has in store for me.

I’m just feeling a little lost right now. My life was going pretty much the way I had always hoped it would and then all of a sudden it changed just like that. One little comment, argument, then it turned into a fight. A fight with no words. This is making me feel so empty and tired. I hate the unknown. I refuse to give in but I hate the waiting. What is next??

I’ll tell ya what’s next…. I’m going to shake this off. Two days wasted of feeling like this is two too many. I’m done. The boys have a game tonight. Life is good and we are going to Dover this weekend for a Nascar race. Who am I to complain. Life could be a hell of a lot worse.

Just a show?

I think not! I’m watching the Blacklist. I have a few favs but this one is on the top of my list. I am not a tv junkie and I am not into reality shows. I like action and anything to do with law enforcement. Why am I telling you this? No clue. Just felt like shooting out a friendly blog and in the mood to babble.

Three weeks from this Thursday we leave for Myrtle Beach. It’s cold here oh I’d say around a whole 3 degrees right now. My oldest is sick with a 101 temp and head cold. I have the head cold thing going on but I said better now then in 3 weeks!

Life is as simple as we make it. I want mine to be as simple as can be. I’m working on that now and it is kinda so far going into the direction I hoped for. But if it doesn’t go accordingly then well, this is just another piece of the puzzle that is suppose to make the whole picture for me come together.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed though because this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Life is what you make it. Keep it simple and just breathe….


There is a lot to be said in those numbers. That is my blood pressure. One year ago today it was 199/100. I had an ekg done, stress test, and a numerous amounts of other tests. It all boiled down to my lifestyle which consisted of a tremendous amount of stress and a poor diet. So what I did was eliminate the stressors that caused me to “stress out” and I changed my diet.

It has been one week and two days since I’ve been off my Bystolic (BP) medicine and it is still down.

The reason why I am so ecstatic over this is because my sister died at the age of 47 and ultimately it was stress and her lifestyle that robbed her life at such a young age. I couldn’t do that to my kids so I knew I had to change something and I did.

I can’t finish this up now because Mike is picking us up and we are going to the mall and I have a ton more to say! But I hope you are all well out there xo