Can’t fight that feeling

of what makes you happy. Sometimes I feel guilty for going with what makes me happy. I have to let go of what I think I should be doing that makes everyone else happy.

Over the past week, the fight with him,(we talked) I understand what was making him irate. It was what everyone else around me was doing. The gossip, the drama, etc. I have to let all that go or let him go. Black and white. He makes me happy. I blew our last argument out of proportion. Hey I’m only human. He is after my best interests and at the time I was too blind to see it but I do now.



Author: Jeana

This is me. I'm a mom, a sister, a daughter, and friend. At times and MOST of the time I live an ordinary life. I'm still learning how to blog and figure out what kind of audience I'm trying to appeal to but I find myself randomly posting about anything and everything, which is okay I guess. I love being a homebody. I swear there's no greater peace then enjoying your home and its surroundings which is why blogging is ideal for someone like me because it makes me realize there is a whole big world out there to explore. I hope you enjoy my site and if there's anything you'd like to comment on, feel free to hit me up.

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