Tasty tuna melt and crisp waffle fries(all gluten-free)

One word to sum this up and that is yum! I made your basic tuna fish, with chopped onions and celery, with a couple of shakes of garlic powder and pepper, oh and of course mayonnaise(about 2 tbsp). Mix in a bowl and season to your liking, as I always do. Next toast up a delish Gillian’s French Roll and voila!

Gillian’s French Gluten-Free Rolls


Okay from my taste buds to yours, I tested tasted another gluten-free product. I am giving Gillian’s French Rolls a thumbs up! I feel like I struck gold. They are light and fluffy, 130 calories, 4g of fat, 20 carbs and so ridiculously filling!!

If you are trying to lose weight I really think cutting down on products with gluten in them is the way to go. I feel less bloated and have a tremendous amount of energy.