I know the answer

It’s been one thing after another. My mom died in August, my house caught fire on Christmas Eve, my boyfriend’s grandmother has cancer, and now I have to put our dog down who we just found out she has cancer. Oh and I have to go for a stress test, echocardiogram tomorrow because my ekg was off the charts. But yet, time after time I remain optimistic and keep saying everything happens for a reason. What is the reason? I think I know what I have to do to stop the universe from biting me in the ass. It is time to change my thinking. I am not necessarily doing anything wrong but it is the thought of going through with the potential things I have in mind to do.

It has to stop. I have to change. I can’t get back what has already happened and I can’t stop the inevitable, but from here on in I can make a conscious effort to think and do right.

If I can’t fix the problem that provokes me to think and want to do whatever it is, then I have to make a change on that as well. I’m tired, my heart is tired, my head is tired. I don’t want my life to be so tiring anymore. I want calm. I want peace and for things to go smoothly. I am not asking for anything more than I have, I just need a break from the bad that keeps happening. Please God give me that break.


Author: Jeana

This is me. I'm a mom, a sister, a daughter, and friend. At times, and MOST of the time I live an ordinary life lol. I have two amazing teenage boys that I refer to ask my rocks. They are definitely as solid as they come and I am so grateful and blessed to have them in my life. I’m a teacher’s assistant and absolutely positively LOVE my job. Omg there is no greater pleasure in life then getting paid to do what you love to do. I’m not perfect nor is my life, but I try every day to get it right. This is my story and my journey. I hope you find some of my posts helpful, inspiring, useful, and not too boring lol. Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear some of your comments and questions if you have any to share.

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